Environmental Audit Services

Environmental and risk audits assess current regulatory compliance, environmental impact, and inspect facilities to review the environmental impact of standard operating procedures.  Wilcox & Barton, Inc.'s team of experts will recommend appropriate corrective actions if needed to demonstrate environmental responsibility and meet local, state, and federal regulations, health and safety standards as well as current operating procedures.  Comprehensive audits can improve performance, identify the root cause of a violation, demonstrate regulatory compliance and manage environmental risk.  

If you need a plan of action due to a recent inspection, we can recommend and execute short and long term solutions to get your business back on track.  Developing record keeping, reporting procedures, and training personnel are key to operating a facility that will meet current and future standards.  We also provide independent third party audits that are objective and help you make informed decisions resulting in the best possible outcomes.    

TSCA and SARA Title 3 Tier II reporting

Hazardous waste inventory database design, training, and implementation

Hazardous waste management and reporting

Pollution-Prevention training and reporting

Petroleum contaminated soil management, monitoring, and reporting

State reimbursement program management, submittals, and tracking

EPA Brownfields grant management: petroleum and hazardous materials assessment and clean up

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