Hazardous Materials, Environmental Due Diligence & LSP Services for Redevelopment of an Entire City Block

In this massive redevelopment project of an entire city block in coastal Massachusetts, Wilcox & Barton, Inc. was contracted to provide Environmental Due Diligence, LSP services, and hazardous materials services prior to demolition activities. Ten vacant and abandoned buildings were demolished to make room for stylish, upscale condominiums and apartment housing where residents can live, work and play in the heart of Cape Cod.

All ten buildings had been boarded up and abandoned for numerous years. Structural damage, significant water damage, mold growth and wildlife necessitated the use of several different types of personal protective equipment to ensure the inspectors safety during the survey. We utilized significant destructive sampling to identify and sample hidden suspect materials that had been covered up through multiple renovations over the years. More than 500 samples were collected from suspect-asbestos containing building materials.

Wilcox & Barton, Inc. used the inspection results to generate a comprehensive hazardous materials survey report utilized by the contractor during abatement.