Brownfields Redevelopment of Luxury Boston Apartments

During Spring of 2015, Wilcox & Barton, Inc. provided Environmental Health and Safety services at this luxury apartment development project. Although environmental due diligence had been performed by others, a construction worker safety issue was identified related to organic material present in the fill at the site. In one area of the foundation work, historic petroleum contamination interacted with the buried organics resulting in the generation of hydrogen sulfide gas. The organics did not pose a long-term risk to occupants or residents at the property but did pose a potential risk to workers during the installation of foundation components.

To the developer, time was money. Down time to deal with unanticipated environmental issues would be costly. Wilcox & Barton, Inc. conducted supplemental assessment, prepared a site-specific Health and Safety Plan, conducted worker safety training, and implemented health and safety monitoring to keep the project on track. We worked with the General Contractor, the GC’s civil engineer, the foundation contractor, geotechnical contractor, and a broad range of support staff. In less than a week, the work was back on track and protective safety programs were implemented.

Construction was completed in Autumn 2016, and today the facility is nearly at capacity. Amenities at the pet-friendly apartment complex include: 24-hour gym, resident lounge/pool, function hall, access to MBTA station and waterfront, Hubway bike-share docks, and easy access to major roadways. It’s now a beautiful place to call home… built in an area with an interesting environmental history!